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Android Forums. Tips Looking for inventory app with barcode scanner Discussion in ' Android Devices ' started by dacasada , Feb 12, Feb 11, 1 0 5 Male Chemist.

Hello All, new user here with a question I hope someone can help me out with. I'm looking for an inventory app with a built in barcode scanner so I can keep an inventory of my cds and dvds on my Proclaim. Sounds simple in theory, right?

That was before I came to realize that the camera on the Proclaim is a non-autofocusing piece of crap. I have, and can highly recommend, Book Catalogue by Evan Leybourn keeping track of my books. This app uses Pic2Shop, which as far as I can tell is the only barcode scanner that will work on the proclaim. I cannot praise this app and scanner highly enough. Depending on the data stored in the scanned barcode, actions may include redirecting to a website, displaying product data, or other results. This demo app gets positive feedback from users, earning an average rating of four stars out of five in more than reviews.

It supports a variety of 1D and 2D codes, analyzing automatically without the need to input the barcode type. Those who want to share contact information via a 2D code may be initially put off by the idea that this requires constant access permission, but the company assures users that their personal privacy settings are honored. With adjustable 1D and 2D barcode scanning support, adjustable character sets, and compatibility with some standard software tools, the Wireless Barcode Scanner offers usability and functionality for a variety of uses and applications.

This mobile barcode app only works with Android devices. Inventory Droid, as its name suggests, is available only for the Android operating system. Inventory Droid gets positive feedback overall, with a few quirks noted. Other than some compatibility issues with specific devices, users say the Barcodescanner Keyboard works well. This barcode app garners feedback from more than 1, users on Google Play, where it earns an average rating of 4.

ScanPet uses Excel as an item database, enabling the app to function as a complete inventory management application — all managed by your smartphone, which doubles as a scanner. The ultimate inventory, asset management and collection app, Inventory X Pro has a built-in barcode scanner and the other tools and capabilities to turn your smartphone into a total inventory control system.

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Those that are available are positive, however, with users praising developer support and overall functionality and usability. The Rapid Inventory App for Android can solve your most pressing inventory concerns by turning your smartphone or other mobile device into a barcode scanner. Easy importing and exporting options make it possible to transfer data to other applications for accounting and other purposes.

With customization options, such as custom fields, you can categorize and filter your products in a variety of ways to suit your needs. With simple, intuitive operation and three different price levels, including a free version, sers say this smartphone barcode scanner is exactly what they needed.

Free — https: Business — https: Unlimited — https: My Inventory enables you to create several inventory databases, sort and categorize products based on a variety of characteristics, construct reports, export product lists, full inventory, check-in and check-out entries, and more via CSV or XML.

Otherwise, users seem to think this is an excellent barcode app to scan and manage inventory.

Best Android Apps — Barcode Scanners — August 2017

You can enter product and inventory data, and the app automatically adjusts your stock counts when additional barcodes are scanned. You can manually enter data or rely on the scanner, and export your data as a. It gets middling scores from users, earning an average rating of 3. Mobile Inventory is a barcode scanner and inventory app that makes it easier and faster to manage inventory. Stock and Inventory Simple is an easy-to-use Android app that speeds the inventory process by enabling users to scan barcodes with your smartphone camera.

Use your mobile device to manage and control stock, maintain product catalog, and streamline inventory processes. A professional edition barcode scanner, Barcode Scanner Pro is one of the fastest and most accurate barcode scanning apps available for Android devices. With more than 57, 5-star ratings by Google Play users, Barcode Scanner Pro also is one of the most popular and highly-rated barcode scanners.

Many of the best barcode scanner apps are free, and most others are low-cost, even if you opt to subscribe to the full asset management platform. Previous post: Camcode is Now ISO Next post: Navy Environmental Survivability Test. With RFID technology growing in prominence, many companies are faced with the decision of whether to switch from barcode technology […].

Posted on February 13, After all, virtually every operation, no matter the size, output, […]. Posted on February 12, Purchasing the right inventory-tracking tools, like asset tags and bar code solutions, is the first step in the right direction […].

Posted on February 7, Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about the latest product solutions for your industry! Camcode durable bar code solutions. Call Toll-Free Request a Quote Get Samples.

SuperSU for Samsung Galaxy Proclaim SC - free download APK file for Galaxy Proclaim SC

Blog About Us Contact Us. Manually enter data or scan Vendors, customers, models, locations, and other data Search and view files for stock items Filter options Export data as PDF or Excel Visual analytics tools Overdue items, expiring items, low inventory Cost: Date and time stamp Custom fields for data entry Maintains one large database with information Cost: Quickly scans multiple QR code and barcode formats Not fully cross-device compatible Attach images to records for more transferability Accurate and simple; email and transfer data Cost: ScanLife iTunes Rating: Scans the broadest set of 1D and 2D barcodes, including: Android Main Download: Reader iTunes Rating: Free QR code generator Scans all types of barcodes Automatically detects code type History with scan image, text and geolocation data Contact cards with landscape mode Cost: Supports custom barcoding Mass scanning Member ID card scanning Real-time asset locations, assignments and alerts Delegated model allows custodians to be active participants Cost: Scan barcodes Create transactions Ship and pack products Print barcodes to any barcode-enabled printer Reporting functions Generate lot and serial numbers Manage returns and tasks Cost: Mobile App Pricing: Google Play Rating: Easy, rapid barcode scanning Voice and text search On-device backup ensures your scans are always saved Auto next scan initiates subsequent scans without the need to press a button Multiple choice and short answer options enable data collection during scanning Photo capture Cost: Register products and data, such as location, item numbers, quantity, etc.

Track inventory Streamline automatic document processing Saves all data in integrated database for further processing and analysis User-configurable data Export via email or integrated Wi-Fi export server Cost: Supports Socket Bluetooth scanner Instant identification of rogue vs. Summary reports Filtered lists Mark as sold, buy new, or cancel touchscreen options Works on the iPhone or iPad Summarize your inventory Export inventory reports Cost: Refined management of quantities Organize by category; create logical hierarchies Shortage alerts Importing and exporting Create PDF catalogs and print or email lists of products Cost: Bi-directional device communication support is provided Manual data input; device commands may be entered manually Functions as a keyboard wedge Cost: Demo version: Android Download for Android: Multiple keyboard layouts available for language support Automatically fills fields with scanned barcode information Can be configured with target application control keys Does not require Internet or SMS control permissions Secured data is protected from keylogging Scans in landscape or portrait mode Cost: Free Demo Full paid version: Customization wizard Add as many custom fields as you require Compatible with a variety of data types: Functions as a WiFi scanner for direct-to-PC data transmission Sales and shipment tracking Reads most barcode formats and symbologies Also functions as an attendance tracker or roster Cost:

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